Why it is worth waiting and buy LCI BMW 7 Series 745e 2019

If you are looking to buy a new BMW 7Series G11/12  within next 12 months there is something good which is worth waiting for. We will talk about BMW 7 Series G11/G12 2019.

Actually there are two good news:

  1. In 2019 BMW will launch a facelift for current BMW g11/g12
  2. Also in 2019 BMW is supposed to launch a new hybrid version for current 740E which will be called 745e and will be much better.

So in first case as we already know with other modes with LCI or in other words face lift we usually see some new headlights/tailligts, some small design updates in bumpers sometimes small changes/improvements in interior design and like it was with F10 increased noise isolation. 

When LCI is launched usually manufacturer brings that car to perfection so that is why I always like LCI models like I did with my X3 (F25) where by the way noise isolation was updated as well which is great 🙂

Usually when LCI is launched we get some new engines or improvement of “old” ones and I am sure in case of BMW 7 we will see some improvements over all engines but today I want to talk about the upcoming BMW G11 745eDrive 2019

More about BMW eDrive technology you can read here.

So far let’s talk about the upcoming BMW G11 745e. Here is what it will offer: a hybrid technology with 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol engine with BMW Twin Power Turbo Technology  but the electric battery will be new and better which will let BMW 7 Series cover longer distances on electric motor and the most important thing is that the total HP output will be 390HP which is amazing.

If you are not looking for diesel and want a car which wont produce emissions on start or low speed I think the BMW 7 G11 745e is the one worth waiting.  What do you think?

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