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BMW F30/F31/F25/F26 Door Creaks – Solution Found

If drive an E90/F30/F31/F25/F26 or possible other models and hear unpleasant door creaks and noise while driving on uneven surface road. If the noise come from door seals then the solution in most cases may be to use teflon tape on door seals. If car is new you can ask dealer to apply teflon tape around the upper part of the outer rubber seals of the door.

Below are two links which will give you more info and pics:



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F30 3 Series facelift LCI spotted

How are you BMW F30 owners? Looking for upgrades or may be you are one of those who are looking to buy a new BMW 3 Series.

Well BMW has some good news for you, current BMW 3 Series in F30 bodystyle is waiting an LCI (life cycle impulse) or facelift as we use to say.

Here are some photos taken by one of BMW enthusiasts for bimmerpost.

BMW 3-Series Facelift 1 Continue reading