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BMW X5 (F15) Third Row of Seats

If you have a family with more than 4 members with plans of having more children and thinking if new BMW X5 (F15) will suit you I will say yes and here is a picture and even a video on how third row seats looks and works.

I think BMW made a great job of keeping X5 a a very balanced car, typical BMW proportions, 50/50 weight distribution and great performance and still offer third row of seats which I am sure rarely will be used in most cases.

bmw f15 third row seats

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Some people on forums say that third row of seats is good only if the children who will sit there won’t be over 6-8 years. Well, I dont want to see X5 as a big car which is hardly driven and does not bring sheer driving pleasure.

If you want something bigger you can buy a huge wagon or better buy one more BMW for family 🙂

BMW must bring driving pleasure and not be a simple and boring way to get from point A to point B. Agree?

Picture (C) Bmw.com