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BMW M5 History in Pictures

BMW M5 – one of the fastest premium 4 door sedans in the world.

On the picture: BMW-E28-M5-E34-M5-and-M1(red)

On the picture: BMW-M1(red)E28-M5 and E34-M5

Production starts in 1986 and since then it became better and faster.

BMW M5 E28 – 1985-1988
Power: 286 hp



BMW M5 E34 – 1989
Power: 335 hp

bmw E34 M5 exterior http://www.autogaleria.hu -bmw E34 M5 interior


BMW M5 E 39 – 1998
Power: 400 Hp, V8 engine

BMW-M5-E39-silver BMW-M5-E39-exterior
BMW M5 E39 Interior BMW-M5-E39-interior

BMW M5 E60 – 2005
Power: 507 Hp, V10 Engine

BMWM5-E60-frontBMWM5-E60-backBMWM5-E60-interior BMWM5-E60-interior27-speed SMG III sequential manual gearbox7-speed SMG III sequential manual gearbox

BMW M5 F10 – 2011
Power: 560HP and 575Hp in Competition Package, V8 Engine

07_1920x1200_bmw_f10m 2012 BMW F10 M5 Saloon UK

2012 BMW M5 F10 2012 BMW M5 F102012 BMW M5 F10


I would like to have in my garage an M5 E39 and F10.

What is your favorite and if you have one share your pictures with my blog readers. Contact me now.