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BMW F01 vs Mercedes W222 daylight night look

Yesterday while being at car wash I saw new Mercedes S class W222 at around 80m distance. Even in the day it looks good during night the front part I did not like at all, those led lights, better said the way they were put make car look smaller and not serious.

On the picture below MB has even beamlight switched on which makes it a little bit better but without it there are only lights on the top which does not look good(serious) at night.

Current BMW 7 Series (F01) looks more aggresive,serious and wider during night, IMO it has more of a presence and if I can say manly look or manly car.

I really want to think that next BMW 7 Series which is round the corner will keep its serious look and style.

What is your opinion on this?


MB S-class W222