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BMW 7 Series E32 Video

The second generation of the BMW 7 Series (E32) is released in 1987. The idea was to create an elegant and dynamic vehicle for the business class. Hans Kerschbaum was involved in the development, first as a designer, later as head of aerodynamics. Many of his ideas are adopted, including the distinctive wide C-pillar or the rear side window with a raised edge for easy access into the interior. For the first time in BMW history, the typical L-shaped rear lights appeared at the BMW 7 Series.

How BMW 7 series interior evolved during the years

BMW 7 Series is german luxury car. BMW 7 series has latest and newest technologies which later appear on other BMW’s models.

In this photo post let’s see how BMW’s design of 7 Series evolved since 1977 when first BMW 7 Series was launched.

BMW E23 (1977–1986)

bmw e23 interior


BMW E32 (1986-1994)

bmw e32-saloon bmw_e32_beige_interior

BMW-750il-V12-E32-interiorBMW E38 (1994-2001

bmw_e38-interior-bmwon blog

BMW E65/66 (2001- 2008)

bmw e65-66 interior

   BMW F01/02 (2008- 2015)

bmw f01 interior