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Renderings for new BMW 5 Series 2017

Fresh information about upcoming new BMW 5 Series. According to german automobile magazine Auto Bild among new technology and platform next generation of BMW 5 series will carry new 3 cylinders turbo-diesel engine with 150 HP (remember 520i on E39 with same HP?)

I dont know what sound we will hear when that engine will be started but I hope BMW will put some effort to make it decent.


Technical platform will be the one shared on new 6 and 7 Series (which will debut in 2015) but with some improvements in comparison with current model at the chapter of weight and used materials.

Among this new 3 cylinder engine BMW continues to improve their 3 liters engines and here are some data regarding possible output power for new engines:

530i 3,0 Liter 333 HP
535i 3,0 Liter 375 HP
530d 3,0 Liter 286 HP
535d 3,0 Liter 333 HP
M550d 3,0 Liter 401 HP


New M5 version is planned to have around 600HP and as an option all wheel drive version may be ordered. BMW’s all wheel drive is called xDrive.

bmw5-2017-3Stay tuned for more information about upcoming new BMW 5 Series.