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BMW 4 Series Cabrio F33

As expected, not too long after BMW 4 series was launched, new modification of it was presented to the public the BMW 4 Series Cabrio F33.

This model was built in order to replace the BMW E93 3 Series Convertible.

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible F33 is larger in width, track and wheelbase than the BMW E93 Cabrio.

Early models of BMW 4 Cabrio will include next engines 428i (245HP), 435i (306HP), 420d(184HP), with 428i xDrive available in spring of 2014.

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BMW_4series_convertible_wallpaper_1600x1200_05bmw 4 series cabrio saloon









What is your opinion on new BMW 4 Series Cabrio? Do you like it?

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