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BMW wins three “Gelbe Engel” awarded by the ADAC

Awards for brand strength, the BMW X1’s quality and the BMW 520d as best touring sedan.

ADAC – Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub.

ADAC “Gelber Engel” awards are among the most important trophies in the German automotive industry. The accolades are handed out in nine categories. Decisions are made by juries of experts or ADAC members and are based on the results of breakdown statistics or the ADAC test. Due to these selection criteria the accolades are seen as a significant seal of quality in each category. BMW,Press Group.

Now, let’s see what for was awarded our favorite brand.

Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Dr.-Ing. Norbert Reithofer got the award in the category “Strongest Brand”.

This time cars were appreciated in a total of nine categories: “Brand”, “Quality”, “Touring Sedan”, “Family Car”, “City Car”, “Eco Car”, “Germany’s Favourite Car”, “Innovation and Environment” and “Personality”. More aspects of analysis results in a more accurate results and more clear view of what a car is.

The BMW 520d was named best touring sedan. Thus again, a 5 Series model achieved victory following the BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition BluePerformance in the previous year. This award was received by Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW.

The 520d model has an output of 135 kW/184 hp and a consumption of 4.5 litres/100km.
CO2 emission are 119 g/km.
An amazing 8-speed automatic transmission featuring Steptronic, changes gear perfectly with no feel for the driver when gear is changed everything is smooth and quick

For this model it takes 7.9 seconds to reach 100km/h and the top speed is 231 km/h.


BMW X1 obtained the “Gelber Engel” award for its convincing quality. Actually we are thinking of buying this car for my wife. She likes it a lot. Not too big not too small plus higher driver position.

P90093173-highResMy congratulations BMW, keep up the good work and feel free to invite me in Germany to see my favorite car’s factory 🙂

Have a good day everyone.