Why it is worth waiting and buy LCI BMW 7 Series 745e 2019

If you are looking to buy a new BMW 7Series G11/12  within next 12 months there is something good which is worth waiting for. We will talk about BMW 7 Series G11/G12 2019.

Actually there are two good news:

  1. In 2019 BMW will launch a facelift for current BMW g11/g12
  2. Also in 2019 BMW is supposed to launch a new hybrid version for current 740E which will be called 745e and will be much better.

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BMW 7 Series G11 LCI 2019 Spied Pics

In 2019 not sure exact month but rumors say it will be March BMW will launch a facelift for current BMW g11/g12.

As we already know with other modes with LCI or in other words face lift we usually see some new headlights/tailligts, some small design updates in bumpers sometimes small changes/improvements in interior design and like it was with F10 increased noise isolation for some models not sure if it will be the case for G11/G12 in 2019.

So far here are some pics we found on internet with spied pics while testing LCI BMW g11/g12.

BMW E34 Touring did 6000km in Allgäu-Orient Rallye 2017

BMW E34 was a popular and successful model when it was launched and even today it looks great and offers great driving emotions when the car is in good condition and has at least 2500cm3.

It looks brutal and offers good feedback for driver. You feel like you are connected to the car and that is awesome.

On this video you will see how a team which participates in Allgäu-Orient Rallye 2017 choose BMW E34 which helpes them take second place.

BMW E34 is a great looking car 🙂

Watch the video:

Do you like the door handle of BMW G30?

Recently went to test drive the all new BMW g30 and like I always do I paid special attention to each detail 🙂

So far I had two not so impressions and today we will talk about bmw g30 door handle.

What is your favorite BMW Door Handle?

When you get a new car there a few things you will use daily and these are: door handle, steering wheel and the seats. So I think these must be have enough attention from the manufacturer and especially from one who wants to create premium impression.

So far I got the keys and happily went out to find the car.

When I got near it and opened the door the first feeling was that the door handle did not gave me that special preimum effect I have each time I open my bmw f10. The door handle of the f10 somehow feels more solid and premium and a little bigger with each touch.

The G30 door handle felt different in hand and when overall car impression was great the door handle is like something which was put quickly last minute. When you pull it the direction is also different in comparsion with F10. That is how I felt.

What is your opinion with the BMW g30 door handle? Please when answering compare it with other model.

BMW X3(F25) 20i vs 20d, which one to choose?

So you decided to buy an X3 (F25) LCI which at the moment of writing can be bought with discount because the new generation was just presented (G01) and if it is not mandatory for you to get the new G01 you can buy the F25 LCI which is a very good car and as we know usually LCI versions have some improvements over the first versions.

Actually it might be a good idea to buy an F25 LCI now and use it for 3-5 years and then get the G01 LCI before next version comes out.

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New BMW M5 (F90) 600HP and All Wheel Drive

New BMW M5 is here. First M5 with AWD. Something new, and exciting for some and may be not for pure M5 enthusiasts but do not get upset too soon as this new M5 (F90) gives user possibility to turn off all wheel drive and have just rear while drive for days when you are on track.

As far as I know the guy from Audi came a few years ago to BMW to help improve their xdrive system and that is what we have today. Time will show how good this decision was and now is time to wait for test-drives to get some real life experiences.

Below are new BMW M5 specs and some pics. Enjoy 🙂

ENGINE: V8 biturbo M TwinPower Turbo technology 4395cc
POWER: 600hp with 750Nm
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