Different BMW 1M Coupe

This BMW 1M Coupe is different from the one you’ve seen until now.


Schwaben Folia Team wrapped this BMW 1M in an irie green color and modified engine so its output power now is 370HP from 340 HP.


They also lowered suspension from Bilstein (B16 PSS10) which will give driver different driving experience.


The exhaust system was also changed to a titanium one and they made it louder.


Mirrors were wrapped in carbon fibre foil.


bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-11 bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-6 bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-schwaben-folia-and-veight bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-5 bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-2 bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-7 bmw-1m-coupe-in-irie-green-from-schwaben-folia-and-veight-8

Now this 1M is faster, louder and has a different look. Anyone thinking of improving his 1M? 🙂

BMW 1-Series M Coupé Tuning – Irie Green from veight.de on Vimeo.

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