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Tyre pressure indicator for each BMW

Available in future as a standard feature: Tyre pressure indicator for each individual tyre.

TPM - tyre pressure monitor on BMW M3

TPM – tyre pressure monitor on BMW M3 2009

If until now some BMW drivers were checking tyre pressure manually the new owners won’t have to do that.

Starting with spring of 2014 drivers of all new BMW’s will have tyre pressure indicator offered as a standard equipment with the exception of the BMW X6.

Sensors on all four tyres facilitate an exact and individual monitoring of the pressure in each individual tyre. The tyre pressure currently at hand will be shown in the Control Display or the instrument cluster, respectively, depending on the model and the equipment options customers have chosen.

The only thing is that I hope it won’t be annoying to the driver, if for example you are somewhere where you can’t pump wheels at this very moment.

What is your experience with BMW Tyre Pressure sensors?

Source: BMW Press Group

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BMW M3 F80 Individual

If you want a different M3 than Individual is the way to go. Here are a few pics of how it may look.

Since genuine exclusiveness is extremely rare. It is exactly this characteristic that makes BMW Individual so unique, since the range of materials to choose from is more select than for any other vehicle.

By perfectly combining all details, BMW Individual meets even the highest expectations: the most exclusive way to drive BMW.
bmw m3-f80-individual-exterior bmw m3-f80-individual-interior

That M3 logo on the seat backrests will be illuminated now 🙂
bmw m3-f80-individual-interior_2

BMW M3 history in pictures

First BMW M3 – E30 – 1986

Engine: 2.3 litre four cylinder
Power: 198 Hp @ 6750rpm

BMW M3 E36 – 1992

Engine: 3.0 litre six cylinder
Power: 282Hp @ 7000rpm



BMWM3-E36-Sedan-saloonBMW M3 E46 – 2000

Engine: 3.2 litre six cylinder
Power: 338 Hp @ 7900rpm

bmw m3-e46-bmwon-blog BMW-M3_E46_Convertible_radu-bmw-blog BMWM3Coupe-E46-bmwon-blog

BMW M3 CSL – 2004 (limited edition)

Engine: 3.2 L, six cylinder
Power: 360 hp at 7,900 rpm

bmw e46-m3-csl-bmwon-blog bmw-e46-m3-csl-radu-bmw-blog BMWM3CSL-e46-interiorBMW E90/E92/E93 M3 – 2007

Engine: 4.0L V8
Power: 414Hp


bmw m3_e92-bmwon-blog



BMW E92 M3 GTS – 2009

Engine: 4.4L V8
Power: 444 Hp




 BMW M3 F80 – 2013

Engine: 3.0L 6 cylinder inline
425 Hp

bmw m3-f30-7



The M3 Coupe was replaced with M4.



bmw-m3-m4-2013-interiorShare pictures of your own M3,M4 on my blog, contact me now.