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Man with 45 BMW’s

At age 17, The Collector was homeless. Today, he owns one of the most significant collections of classic BMWs on the planet. Located in a secret warehouse in Southern California, his collection consists of 45 cars, including the super-rare BMW 700 RS – only two of these cars were ever made. The Collector does not collect for fame or notoriety; he doesn’t want to be named. Rather, his collection is built on a deep love of BMWs and the art which goes into making them.

1970 Alpina 2002ti Restored Pictures

Those who went to 2014 Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion had a great surprise seeing there 1970 Alpina 2002ti Restored.

This particular car delivers 220 HP from 2.0 liter engine while its weight is around 900Kg.

If you have some experience with this car feel free to share it via comments or we can make an interview.

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