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New features for BMW X5 and BMW 6 Series

Extended range of series equipment for the new BMW X5 and the top-of-the-range version of the BMW 6 Series.

As a continuation of many new things BMW brings us this spring we will talk today about new BMW X5 (F15) and BMW 6 Series.

From the spring of 2014 BMW F15 will have as a standard equipment Driving Assistant system.

BMW-X5_f15 driving assistant

Driving Assistant comprises camera-based Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning (including pedestrian warning) with brake application function. Lane Departure Warning makes the steering wheel vibrate in order to warn the driver when he or she veers out of lane unintentionally. Collision Warning detects vehicles driving ahead and pedestrians. The system issues a visual and acoustic warning if there is an imminent risk of collision. It also initiates a braking process, if required.

BMW 650i with M Sport Exhaust System

Some were complaining about the sound of V8, well it was good enough at least for me but some people were saying that as long as it is 650i it must have special sound.
So now starting with spring of 2014  the BMW 650i Coupe, the BMW 650i Convertible and the BMW 650i Gran Coupe will all be equipped with an M Sport exhaust system installed at the factory.


In picture is shown current BMW 650i

The motor-racing inspired system developed by BMW M GmbH reduces the exhaust back pressure and emphasises the characteristic acoustics of the V8 power unit during acceleration and deceleration.

As an option starting with spring of 2014 Harman Kardon surround system will be available on all BMW 6 Series models. High level of music quality will always be with you while driving.

Those who already pre-ordered any of these cars feel free to share your experience. Thank you beforehand.

Source: BMW Press Group

Tyre pressure indicator for each BMW

Available in future as a standard feature: Tyre pressure indicator for each individual tyre.

TPM - tyre pressure monitor on BMW M3

TPM – tyre pressure monitor on BMW M3 2009

If until now some BMW drivers were checking tyre pressure manually the new owners won’t have to do that.

Starting with spring of 2014 drivers of all new BMW’s will have tyre pressure indicator offered as a standard equipment with the exception of the BMW X6.

Sensors on all four tyres facilitate an exact and individual monitoring of the pressure in each individual tyre. The tyre pressure currently at hand will be shown in the Control Display or the instrument cluster, respectively, depending on the model and the equipment options customers have chosen.

The only thing is that I hope it won’t be annoying to the driver, if for example you are somewhere where you can’t pump wheels at this very moment.

What is your experience with BMW Tyre Pressure sensors?

Source: BMW Press Group

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BMW 6 Series Individual White

Look at this beautiful white exterior and warm interior. Amazing, isn’t it?

The 6 series coupe was painted in Brilliant White Metallic with a mouth dropping Amaro Brown and Black leather interior.

The BMW Individual 6 series convertible was painted in Citrin Black paired with an interior consisting of piano black trim with full fine-grain leather merino leather seats, center console, door trim, and instrument paneling, in opal white color. (C) bimmerpost.comBMW_F13_650i_xDrive_Coupé_Individual_IAA_2011 BMW_F13_650i_xDrive_Coupé_Individual_IAA_2011_HeckBMW_F13_650i_xDrive_Coupé_Individual_interior
How many likes for this beauty?

Daytime Running Light LED for BMW a beauty or ugliness?

Let’s talk about all LED kits which are bought by some BMW drivers who consider installing them makes their cars look better.

Look at the picture below, do you like how this BMW looks? I dont.

bmw 3 led kit

I would never do this to my BMW. BMW already has its trademark – angel eyes which look great and you can always say that BMW is approaching just by looking in the mirror.

In my opinion by installing similar kits I would make my car less different and it would look like most of cars you see on roads plus it will hide that unique style which angel eyes give to the car.

If BMW will manage somehow to integrate these things very accurate in their future models and in the same time keep their unique style that would be another story.

No offense to any drivers but each brand/car must have its own trademark and style.

I want to know your opinion on this subject, please leave your comment below.