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BMW G30 M Pack (2017) Rendering

A few months remained until new bmw 5 series will be presented. It is supposed to be firstly presented this October 2016 in Paris at Le mondiale de l’automobile.

There are many renderings on web how new 5 series will look and to be honest I dont like most of them however this one looks good, at least in this color and with M-Pack.

I hope it will look so or even better, I would be interested in one 530xd with M-Pack.

New renders for BMW 5 series G30 2016

In 2016 we expect presentation of next bmw 5 series with code name BMW G30.

Below are some new renders of this vehicle.bmw_g30_2016

We expect more efficiency from new G platform due to the fact that in G chassis will be used new materials which are ligther.

Also we expect new more powerful and in the same time more efficient diesel and petrol engines. Also there will be a hybrid version.

In 2017 we will see Touring and GT versions.






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Remembering E34

These days I remembered my BMW E34.

I remember the day I test drove it.

I was sitting at my computer when my cousin called me and said there is a guy selling his e34 with a clean saloon.

I said “come to me” 🙂

So they came. The car was in grey color. The saloon had black wood trim and was in a good condition.

When he started the engine I enjoyed its sound 🙂

I remember myself taking care of the car, washing it in my parents yard.

I always liked how the front panel of the saloon was made. It always made me feel like I am a pilot of a plane:)
So today enjoy some pics of a great BMW E34 car.


How BMW BluePerformance Works

Thanks to BMW BluePerformance technology, it is possible to further optimise the emissions response of diesel engines. In addition to the diesel particulate filter and oxidation catalytic converter, there is also a NOx catalyst storage which further reduces the level of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas. The combustion process itself is not affected and the diesel engines’ high degree of efficiency is preserved.

With some models, an additional method of nitrogen oxide reduction is used: the SCR catalytic converter (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction) with AdBlue® injection. A chemical reaction triggered by injecting the AdBlue® solution greatly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

bmw f15 blue performance

This enables the diesel models to already meet the requirements of the EU6 emission norm that comes into effect in 2014. You can refill the AdBlue® solution yourself or can arrange an appointment with your BMW Service Partner. Continue reading