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BMW F30/F31/F25/F26 Door Creaks – Solution Found

If drive an E90/F30/F31/F25/F26 or possible other models and hear unpleasant door creaks and noise while driving on uneven surface road. If the noise come from door seals then the solution in most cases may be to use teflon tape on door seals. If car is new you can ask dealer to apply teflon tape around the upper part of the outer rubber seals of the door.

Below are two links which will give you more info and pics:

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BMW 330e

A video of test driving a hybrid 3 series from BMW.

A hybrid means there is an usual internal combustion engine and a battery which can work together or separately.

Hybrid is a step closer to fully electric vehicles and governments try to motivate people via special lower taxes to switch to electric and hybrid models, however there are people who say that producing and recycling those batteries is more harmful and actually produces much more emisssions…what do you think about this?

How BMW BluePerformance Works

Thanks to BMW BluePerformance technology, it is possible to further optimise the emissions response of diesel engines. In addition to the diesel particulate filter and oxidation catalytic converter, there is also a NOx catalyst storage which further reduces the level of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas. The combustion process itself is not affected and the diesel engines’ high degree of efficiency is preserved.

With some models, an additional method of nitrogen oxide reduction is used: the SCR catalytic converter (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction) with AdBlue® injection. A chemical reaction triggered by injecting the AdBlue® solution greatly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

bmw f15 blue performance

This enables the diesel models to already meet the requirements of the EU6 emission norm that comes into effect in 2014. You can refill the AdBlue® solution yourself or can arrange an appointment with your BMW Service Partner. Continue reading