BMW X4 (F26) Specifications

bmw x4(f26) (12)

The new BMW X4 with M Sport package – Melbourne Red metallic (02/14).

Ladies and Gentlmen new X4 is here and after we had enough time to look at it let’s find out what is under the hood and talk about design.


Starting with F01 BMW got back to their traditional aggresive look and driver oriented cockpit which increased their sale and got back many fans.

BMW cars always had some notes of being the best and the fact that they made faster engines with great sound, aggresive manly design and driver oriented cockpit had a very important role in this. That is why we like BMW’s right?

The fact that the interior is made very strong and nothing squeaky there made you feel more secure and like in a tank, isn’t it?

So with new BMW X4 they kept all these things which is great.

Many says they dont like the back of the car but I like it, and I can only imagine how great it will look in black color with tinted windows, add there M package and mmm it is great looking BMW.

BMW X4 is a smaller BMW X6 and if you dont need a big car now you can buy X4 with modern design.

At the same time, the X4 offers generous levels of space for up to five people and – thanks to the standard 40:20:40 split rear seat backrest – impressive variability.


BMW X4 customers will have at their choice 6 engines, 3 petrol and 3 diesel engine.

All the power units meet the EU6 exhaust emissions standard and promise driving pleasure of the highest order. The output spectrum ranges from 135 kW/184 hp to 230 kW/313 hp.

So the choice will be between 20i,28i,35i for petrol engines and 20d,30d,35d for diesel engines.

Specifications of for each BMW X4 petrol engines:

xDrive 20i – 1997 cm3, inline 4, 184Hp

xDrive 28i – 1997 cm3, inline 4, 245Hp

xDrive 35i– 2979 cm3, inline 6, 306Hp

Specifications of for each BMW X4 diesel engines:

xDrive 20d – 1995 cm3, inline 4, 190Hp

xDrive 30d – 2993 cm3, inline 6, 258Hp

xDrive 35d– 2993 cm3, inline 6, 313Hp

All cars come with 8 speed automatic transmissions with the exception of xDrive20d which can be 6 speed manual gearbox.


Here are offical data from BMW. You can see size and proportions.






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