BMW X3(F25) 20i vs 20d, which one to choose?

So you decided to buy an X3 (F25) LCI which at the moment of writing can be bought with discount because the new generation was just presented (G01) and if it is not mandatory for you to get the new G01 you can buy the F25 LCI which is a very good car and as we know usually LCI versions have some improvements over the first versions.

Actually it might be a good idea to buy an F25 LCI now and use it for 3-5 years and then get the G01 LCI before next version comes out.

So the question is which engine to choose the diesel or petrol. Each of us has some experience with one or the other or even with both type of engines and we have our own assumptions of how each one will drive.

I drove both versions of BMW X3 F25 LCI and namely the 20i and 20d.
Below are main differences or better said similarities.
BMW X3 F25 LCI 20i(petrol) has 184 HP and 270Nm Torque
BMW X3 F25 LCI 20d (diesel) has 184HP and 380Nm Torque

So from personal experience in the city the diesel version gives you the effect of pushing in seats right when you start driving while the petrol version needs more RPMs to give you that effect so from start it is more fun with diesel. On the other hand when you drive on autobahn with high speed with petrol version when you accelerate it keeps going and gives you the feeling of the more I push the more I get like powers keeps getting out of the petrol engine while with the diesel version that pushing effect stops at somewhere 90-110Km/h.

As far as consumption surely with diesel you get less but if you drive mostly in city your mileage is not over 3000-3500km/month go with petrol. Here is why:

  1. You save money on car’s price initially. 
  2. You save money on service (when the included services expires) since with petrol the mileage to change oil and filters is longer in comparison with diesel.
  3. To save money with diesel you really have to drive a lot and especially out of the city.

This article was written with the assumption that diesel version costs more in your country as it is in the country of articles’ author.

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