BMW F10 vs Mercedes W212 door handle

What I like in BMW is attention to each detail. Small details will finally make a better experience for the customer. Even the sound when you close the door matter in a premium car.

Today I want to talk about the door handle. This subject was in mind long time however today I found time to write about it.

2-3 months ago I was at one of car dealers in my country where I opened doors for both F10 and W212 and the door handle of F10 gave me a more solid feeling, it was bigger and felt different in a better way. It was working more exact without additional up and down movements.

I know this may sound funny for some of my readers but when you buy a preimum car you want everything be as perfect as possible and get only positive feelings. Attention to details is what matter here and makes difference between brands.

bmw f10 doorhandle


Mercedes Benz W212 door handle

Mercedes Benz W212 door handle

By the way I got similar feeling for 7 series (F01) vs MB S class (W221)

What is your experience on this subject?

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