BMW Concept Active Tourer

Ever heard of BMW with front wheel drive? I know some of you did but for those who did not I will make a small introduction to BMW Active Tourer.

Prices on gas are raising and people are looking for cars with less fuel consumption so BMW makes a step to adjust to customer needs.

BMW Concept Active Tourer features a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine coupled with a synchronous electric motor which generates 188hp per total.


It is estimated that you can drive only on electric motor around 32 km.


Fuel economy is calculated at 2.5l/100km.


When it comes to design BMW decided to keep its serious look on Active Tourer as well.02_havanna-bergseite-1600-1200 03_havanna-tunnel-1600-1200

In the back passengers can relax and watch a movie or listen to the music.11-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200


Here you can clearly see Hofmeister curve. 13-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200


It looks like eco friendly materials will be used in interior of the car.


17-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200 18-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200 19-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200 20-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200 21-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200 24-bmw-active-tourer-1600-1200Active resting is possible as well due to integrated bycicle carier.

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