BMW 507 a great classic car

Good morning friends, today let’s talk about classic BMW.

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Now let’s get back to our title BMW 507.


This beautiful car was made only in 252 units.

I always like cars which were built in small quantities, this makes them unique.

BMW 507 was built between 1956 and 1959 in Bavaria, Germany.

In 1957 BMW added some changes to the this car in terms of more rear space and increased compression rate to 7.8:1.

Did you know that designer was the same guy who worked on design for BMW 503 as well and his name is Albrecht von Goertz.

The engine was a 3168cc with 150 HP and car had a four speed manual transmission.

It is interesting how because of lack of money some interesting projects get stopped. Same is with car, initially it was planned to make thousands of it and export them to USA but due to high cost of production they made just 252 units of BMW 507.


I’ve read that

Many cars were sold with an optional hand-fabricated removable hardtop. Because of the car-to-car differences, each hardtop fits only the car for which it was made.

(c) wikipedia

Among owners of BMW 507 were Ursula Andress and Elvis Presley and racing drivers Hans Stuck and John Surtees as well as Olympic gold medalist Toni Sailer.

The succesor of this car became BMW Z8.

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