BMW 2 Series Will Get New Diesel Engines

BMW 2 Series(F22/F23) will get new diesel engines immediately after market launch in order to serve more people with different needs.

So these are: BMW 218d Coupe and BMW 225d Coupe.

BMW 2 Series Coupe, Modern Line 2014

The 218d will feature as standard a six-speed manual gearbox and you can order it with with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

Both options will provide a great balance between power and efficiency.

218d version will have an output power of 143Hp and 320Nm torque. Car will accelerate from 0 to 100 in 8.6 seconds with automatic transmission.

The average consumption of BMW 218d is around 4.5 litres per 100km. If that is interesting for you, CO2 emissions are not exceeding 120grams/km.

BMW 225d Coupe will have an output of 218hp and will get from 0 to 100km in 6.3 seconds.

Average consumption of 4.7litres.

Great combination between athletic performance and efficiency.

Which one you prefer? I guess I know the answer 🙂

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Source: BMW Press Group

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