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1975 BMW 2002

A photoshoped picture or a drawing?

BMW 2002

BMW 2002

The BMW New Class (German: Neue Klasse) was a line of compact sedans and coupes produced by German automaker BMW between 1962 and 1977.
The New Class was the product that ensured BMW’s solvency after the company’s financial crises of the 1950s and established the identity of BMW automobiles as sports sedans. Continue reading

How BMW’s front kidney grill evolved during the years

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) founded in 1916.
BMW became an automobile manufacturer in 1929 when it purchased Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, which, at the time, built Austin Sevens under licence under the Dixi marque.

What makes BMW different is large front kidney grill which originates from a bodyshop in Bruchsal, Germany run by the Ihle brothers as it is said in many sources.

Later Franz Fiedler – an influential BMW designer adopted the Ihle grille design for the BMW 303 shown below.

bmw 303

BMW 303 debuted at Berlin Motor show in 1933

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BMW X5 F15

The vehicle was unveiled in 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Production was started in 2013.

The most powerful diesel engine put in this vehicle is 3 Liter V6 with 381 Horse Power, named M50d.


Third generation of BMW X5, body style F15


BMW Technology Explained

xDrive – The BMW all-wheel drive system, xDrive, ensures your BMW has the best possible traction at all times, enhancing agility and keeping you safely on track, even on fast bends.

xDrive is the permanent all-wheel drive system from BMW: under normal circumstances, it distributes driver power between the front and rear axles in a 40:60 ratio, and changes this figure variably when the road surface or overall driving conditions change.

sDrive – BMW’s only rear wheel drive cars.

Efficient Dynamics – BMW Efficient Dynamics is an innovative programme to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while enhancing dynamic performance and driving pleasure. It consists of many technologies used to achieve this goal. Some of them are: Engine Auto Start/Stop Function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering and others.



TwinPower Turbo – The multiple award-winning petrol and diesel engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology are among the innovations from BMW EfficientDynamics. They combine the latest fuel injection systems, fully-variable performance control and innovative turbocharger technology.

Active Steering – Technology which lets you do less movements with steering wheel while driving at lower speeds.  And to ensure smoothness at higher speeds, as of around 120 to 140 km/h (depending on the model) Active Steering becomes more indirect. Continue reading