2014 AC Schnitzer BMW X5 (F15) M50d

AC Schnitzer made some upgrades to current M50d engine and look of BMW X5 (F15).
If you want most powerful (at this very moment) X5 F15 go for Schnitzer version.

2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Diesel-01So what they did? AC Schnitzer lowered the suspension by 30mm up front and 20mm at the back this way the center of gravity was lowered and better handling achieved.


How about most powerful diesel version of M50d engine? Well just imagine AC Schnitzer increased its power to 430 Hp from 381. In order to achieve this they remapped ECU and optimized exhaust system.

2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Diesel-02 AC Schnitzer BMW X5 2014 AC Schnitzer BMW X5 2014 AC Schnitzer BMW X5 2014 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Diesel-09

Customer can choose from two types of wheels: VIII Forged(on the picture below) and┬áType IV BiColor 20″ rims.2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Diesel-10 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-01 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-02 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-03 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-04 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-05 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-08 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-09 2014-AC-Schnitzer-BMW-X5-F15-M50d-ACS5-Tuning-Genf-Autosalon-LIVE-12



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