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BMW 3 Series F30 Official Photos

BMW 3 Series (F30) is a good looking car both for men and women, however due to its size I am more tempted to think about it as a car for women.

If you are looking for a new car for your wife most probably she will like design of new BMW 3 series (F30) and taking into consideration the fact that the car is more comfortable than its predecessor give it a few points more in final battle with its rivals.

Here are some official photos of Bmw 3 Series F30. Now if you like it and think about an option go for a test-drive.

320d model is a good option for those who are looking for a balance between price, consumption and power.


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BMW X4 to be presented and launched in 2014

BMW X4 is one of those cars many wait because it is not so huge like X6 or X5 and the one which has manly and serious design.

That front look is really aggressive and serious which many BMW enthusiasts will appreciate.


BMW X4 Concept

So the rumors are this car will be presented in January at Detroit Motor Show and later to be presented again in March at Geneva Motor Show, it is supposed that X4 will have its production launched on the same 2014 year.

BMW X4 will have rear wheel drive as well as four wheel drive called Xdrive.

Regarding engines it is thought that first models will be 2.0Diesel, 3.0Diesel and Petrol versions of 2.8i and 3.0i.

This car will be built together with X3, X5 and X6 at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, US.

If you had money on hand would you pre-order it? 🙂

BMW F01 vs Mercedes W222 daylight night look

Yesterday while being at car wash I saw new Mercedes S class W222 at around 80m distance. Even in the day it looks good during night the front part I did not like at all, those led lights, better said the way they were put make car look smaller and not serious.

On the picture below MB has even beamlight switched on which makes it a little bit better but without it there are only lights on the top which does not look good(serious) at night.

Current BMW 7 Series (F01) looks more aggresive,serious and wider during night, IMO it has more of a presence and if I can say manly look or manly car.

I really want to think that next BMW 7 Series which is round the corner will keep its serious look and style.

What is your opinion on this?


MB S-class W222



Best Rims for BMW E60 pre LCI

Currently I drive an BMW E60 pre LCI with 135 style rims. It is worth mentioning that my car has no M pack on it with exception of M steering wheel.

I like the look of it but If I were to choose any other rims here are my top 3 choice:

Styling 123


Styling 124

bmw e60 124 style rims

 Styling 138


What is your favorite style for BMW E60 pre LCI?

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